Free Strategy Session

Discover how hypnosis can help you make your life better. Call +1 (603) 417-3107 today to schedule you free strategy session. Strategy sessions are offered three different ways:

  • Telephone – Discuss the changes you want to make with your hypnotist and learn how hypnosis can help you succeed.
  • Online video chat – A convenient way to discover the benefits of hypnosis face-to-face without having to travel.
  • In-person meeting – Visit the comfortable, relaxing Hypnosis New England office to talk about how you’d like to use hypnosis to make your life better.
Are You Ready To Work With Hypnosis New England?

The first, and most important question is: “Do you want to make the change you’re asking for?” It seems obvious that anyone going to a hypnotist would want to make a change, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes people are pressured by others into asking a hypnotist to force them to make a change they don’t really want to make.

Hypnosis cannot force you to do anything you don’t want to do. It can be argued that nothing can force someone to make a change they don’t want to make. If someone else wants you to seek hypnotherapy for a change you don’t want to make, save your money and time because it’s not going to work. Wait until you are ready to make the change and then call +1 (603) 417-3107 to schedule your free strategy session.

Since you’re still reading, we’ll assume that you do want to use hypnosis to make your life better. There are only two requirements for you to be hypnotized and start your journey toward a better you:

  1. You want to be hypnotized.
  2. You’re willing and able to follow simple directions.

It’s that easy! If you have any questions or concerns about hypnosis, we will clear them up during your strategy session.

Are You A Good Fit For Hypnosis New England?

The most important thing is what is right for you. Sometimes hypnosis isn’t the best fit for what a potential client wants. Sometimes hypnosis is a good fit, but perhaps Hypnosis New England isn’t the best place for them, and we recommend another hypnotist. When you’re accepted as a client, you know that we’re confident that we can help you and you’re a good fit for our services.

Some of the things that will make you a good fit for Hypnosis New England are:

  • You are motivated and achieving your goal is a high priority for you.
  • You’re committed to following a complete program to achieve your goal.
  • You’ll put in the effort necessary to make the changes you want.
  • You will complete any homework (self-hypnosis, etc.) between sessions to maximize your success.

Call +1 (603) 417-3107 today to claim your free strategy session and discover how Hypnosis New England can help you reach your goals quickly and easily!